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Most Common Kicking Mistakes Martial Artists Make

New to Martial Arts? Here’s a list of the most common mistakes you’ll want to avoid when practicing your kicks. You can watch the video HERE, or read the 5 steps below! 1. Stepping Before Kicking One of the most common mistakes beginners make while kicking happens before the...


Taekwondo Kicking Bag Drills

Looking for some drill ideas for Wavemaster Kicking bags? Check out these 3! Drills: View videos of each drill HERE. Equipment: I LOVE using Century's Wavemaster Kicking Bags. Here's links to my top 3 favorites: Original Wavemaster 2XL Wavemaster (I used it in the video) Torrent...


How to Get Over Your Fear of Sparring

5 Steps to Help You Get Over Your Fear of Sparring Tired of letting your fear control your mind & body when it comes to Sparring? Here’s 5 steps you can take to help you manage your fears and become more confident! In the video above, I go into an in-depth discussion of the 5 steps...


5 Exercises to Help You Kick Higher

This is the question I get asked the most frequently: HOW DO I GET MY KICKS HIGHER? So many people think getting high kicks is just about stretching a lot, but not many realize that to be able to have high kicks you need a lot of strength and balance! Here’s 3 specific drills and 2...


Taekwondo Taeguk Poomsae Forms 1-8

All Taekwondo Forms 1-8 – Taeguk Poomsae Do you have a Belt Testing coming up soon? At my Taekwondo school, students are required to perform their Poomsae at each Belt Exam. Different styles of Taekwondo practice different Poomsae, but the ones below are the Taeguk forms. I’ve listed below...


5 Tips to Achieving Your 2020 Martial Arts Goals

1. Create a Workout Plan I cannot emphasize this one enough. Creating a daily or weekly goal schedule will help you stay on track. I like to plan out my workouts a week ahead of time, that way when each day comes, I already know what workout I’m supposed to be doing that day. Of course, things...