1. Create a Workout Plan

I cannot emphasize this one enough. Creating a daily or weekly goal schedule will help you stay on track. I like to plan out my workouts a week ahead of time, that way when each day comes, I already know what workout I’m supposed to be doing that day. Of course, things might come up and you’ll have to alter your schedule at times, but it sure beats the procrastination that comes from thinking about what workout you want to do each day.

When you plan your week, think about which days you’re going to be doing a group class in the studio and write those in. Then, think about which days you want to keep clear and be off-days. For example, Sundays are usually rest days so my body can recover. Then, think about in which ways you want to improve your skills. If you want to kick higher, you may want to add in some flexibility & kicking strength workouts on the days you have clear.

If you’re part of my Live Martial Arts training, you can download pre-made workouts or print off a workout sheet and fill in which drills you want to do that day. Not a student? Check out this blank template and fill in your own drills!

2. Get Support from Others

It’s so much easier when you have a buddy or group to help motivate you! Talk about your wins and workout plans, or even do some of the workouts with them! You can also ask them to do a daily or weekly check-in to make sure you’re still on track with your goals.

3. Get Creative

Life is unpredictable, and things are always going to come up. Maybe one day you might not be able to make it to the studio to do a workout. That doesn’t have to stop you! Make some room at home, pull up a YouTube video and do an at-home workout. I have several 10-minute training sessions if you need some inspiration. You may also have days when you’re traveling. Get creative and don’t limit yourself to the “ideal” workout that you’re used to. Get your body moving and yourself closer to your goals. Improvise & accommodate- make it happen!

(Check out all 5 Ways on my IG: @LiveMartialArts)

4. Find Motivation

Motivation might not last, but that doesn’t mean it’s not helpful. Some of the things that I do to stay motivated towards my goals are:
- Keeping positive sayings everywhere: On my walls, my phone, books I read, etc.

- Find POSITIVE motivating people to follow on Instagram: Make sure they don’t make you feel bad, guilty, or envious. You want to follow the type of people that when you see their posts, they make you want to get out and do things.

- Keep a motivational playlist to pump you up. (Should I create mine on Spotify so you can follow?)

5. Start Small

Don’t set up huge goals and have ridiculously high expectations of change right off the bat. I like to use my ‘level-up approach.’ Create a few goals that you can work into your regular routine. If you find you can handle those consistently, then you get to ‘level-up’ and add some more new habits to your list. Pretty soon, you’ll find yourself making a lifestyle change. However, if you try adding them all at once, you may be overwhelmed, miss some, and end up frustrated and not want to do any at all.

Good luck with all your 2020 Martial Arts Goals!
I’m excited to see you all level up your training!