Looking for some drill ideas for Wavemaster Kicking bags? Check out these 3!

Drills: View videos of each drill HERE.

Equipment: I LOVE using Century's Wavemaster Kicking Bags.
Here's links to my top 3 favorites:

Original Wavemaster

2XL Wavemaster (I used it in the video)

Torrent Kicking Bag (my favorite)

1. Front Leg Cut Kick, Front Leg Roundhouse Kick (Body-Face)

This first drill is offensive, you use your front leg to go in with a cut kick to the body. As soon as your leg lands in front of you, you pick it back up and perform a roundhouse kick to the body, then the face without letting your foot touch the ground in between. This is a great front leg drill, be sure to practice on both sides!

2. Lunge Round House Kick

This next drill is great to help develop explosive power. You're going to start down in a lunge facing the Century Wavemaster with your hands in a fighting stance. From here, you’re going to lift all the way up and perform a roundhouse kick. Be sure to try and do this as quickly as possible and do this in one motion- do not separate into two motions where you stand first and then kick. Feel free to add in additional kicks and combinations once you land!

3. Padachagi, Tornado Kick

This last drill is defensive. You're going to start up close to the bag and perform a padachagi (jumping back roundhouse kick). As soon as you land, you're going to spin to your backside and perform a tornado kick. Make sure you move back on the padachagi with the appropriate required distance to execute the kick properly. The tornado is a great counterattack to follow up with. Be sure to stay light on your feet and work through the footwork before adding speed!

Hope you enjoyed the drills!

Question of the Week:

What's your favorite thing to kick: Wavemaster, Paddles, or a Shield?
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