5 Martial Arts Kicking Drills on Bob

Looking for some new drill ideas for training on a BOB (Body Opponent Bag)? My Taekwondo friend, Donavan Barrett, and I shared 5 of our favorite drills to practice on Bob in this YouTube video.

Bob's are great for training! You can practice your precision, make drills more realistic, and also he's great if you don't have a training partner! Here's the link to get your own: CLICK HERE

Drill 1: Front Kick, Roundhouse, Twist Kick, Roundhouse

For this first drill, Donavan shows how you perform 4 kicks without putting your foot down in between. You lift your knee and execute a front kick to Bob's stomach, then re-chamber and take it to his sides with a round house kick and then a twist kick- all with the same leg without placing it down on the ground in between. Lastly, you re-chamber and perform a roundhouse kick to Bob's face, as pictured above.

This is a great drill to work on leg control and kicking accuracy on Bob.

Drill 2: Back Kick, Spin Hook Kick

This next drill is awesome to work on kicking accuracy while you're performing two spinning kicks. You start off in a fighting stance and perform a back kick to Bob's stomach. Land your leg in front after performing your back kick. Right away, you're going to turn to your backside and perform a spin hook kick to the face.

Make sure you work on keeping clean footwork between both of these kicks. You don't want to double-step or trip over your feet, so take it slow while you're learning and then add on speed once you're ready.

Drill 3: Cut, Roundhouse Kick

Drill 4: Control Roundhouse Kick

This is a great drill to practice your control. Start off in a fighting stance and perform a round house kick, full speed, toward Bob's face. You want to try and get as close as you can without actually touching him. This is fun to practice without the added risk of hitting a real person's face :)

Drill 5: Fake Front, Roundhouse Kick

For this last drill, you're going to start in a fighting stance and come in as if you're going to do a front kick. Right before you execute, you're going to twist your body and round house kick to the face. It's a great way of faking your opponent out and switching to a different kick they're not expecting!

I hope you enjoyed these 5 Drills for Kicking Bob! Be sure to check out my YouTube channel for more training videos!

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