Staying home due to everything that's happening in the world right now?

Stay motivated by checking out some of my favorite workouts you can do right from your home! Some of these you can do alone, some with no equipment, and some you can modify if you don't have a partner to hold paddles or something to kick. If you're looking to order some at-home training equipment, I get mine from Century Martial Arts!

Get creative, but STAY SAFE and ALWAYS warm up first :)

1. 10-min Higher Kicks Follow-Along Workout

Want to get your kicks up higher? Here's a quick (but rigorous) 10-min workout you can add to your routine after you've warmed up!

2. 10-min Kicking Workout
Here's a great quick follow-along workout that I did with my friend Donavan Barrett who has AWESOME kicks.

3. 3 Kicking Bag Drills

Have a kicking bag at home? Here's 3 drills you can add to your workout routine with using a wavemaster from Century Martial Arts.

4. 10-min Follow-Along Stretching Routine

Want a quick stretching routine to help you increase your flexibility? Check out the one I did with Donavan Barrett.

5. Kicking Speed + Agility Drills

Looking for some sparring drills to help you kick faster? These are great, specially if you have someone that can hold targets for you or if you have a Century Wavemaster!

6. 5 Drills to Help You Kick Higher

Here's a few more drills you can add in to help you work on strength & flexibility!

7. Agility Drills to Help You Improve Your Speed

Want to work on improving your speed and agility? Here's 5 drills to help you work on your footwork with agility equipment.

8. Take the 14-Day At Home Martial Arts Training Challenge

Try a day of the 14-day Martial Arts Challenge! You can download a copy of the PDF to follow along: CLICK HERE.

9. Learn A Bo Staff Form

Make sure you only do this somewhere safe where you have enough room! I walk you through learning a bo staff form :)

10. 10-min Back Kicking Workout

Grab something safe to kick and get moving!

Hope you enjoyed the videos! Make sure you subscribe for my YouTube channel as I'll be posting more new workouts soon! :)